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Siler Country Store has been in our family for the past 7 years. The store dates back to early 1800s, complete with wormy chestnut ceiling, floors, walls and counters.

Our mother's recipes are the secret to our baking success
and a reason for many of our return customers.

All of us girls know how to sew although, to be honest, some enjoy it more than others. Therefore, we have a custom pillow workroom as well as a large variety of handmade doll clothes and accessories.

Some of us are also very crafty and handy with tools,
as you can see on our custom crafts page.

All of this adds up to a wonderful selection of creative items for our customers.

We have been an established EBAY store for several years now and are able to offer you a way to see and purchase our items either in person (check our contact page for our location) or online. Either way we hope you enjoy our custom items as much as we enjoy creating them.